Gaming On The Big Screen: Optoma GT1080 Projector Assessment
There was a time when the notion of a forty or 50-inch front room display was the stuff of goals, but now it's commonplace, delivering an immersive gameplay experience by way of massive, pin-sharp imagery - however what if we need to go greater and really replicate the epic, cinematic really feel that many triple-A titles are striving for? We may sit closer to the show or addecide a desktop set-as much as help convey us nearer to the action, but this nonetheless falls in need of replicating the true large-screen experience at home. HDTVs cannot really deliver, but projectors can, providing up mammoth 100-inch photographs for the cost of a traditional lounge flat-screen display.

When selecting a projector for gaming in the average lounge, there are a number of issues to look out for: low enter lag, fast panel response to reduce motion smearing, and a high degree of brightness to give photos enough pop to work in lighter coloured environments. Throw ratio and distance are additionally essential, as these determine how far-off the projector needs to be from the screen as a way to produce a large image. If you're planning to fire up massive photographs in a small room with solely two to 3 metres' clearance from one finish to the opposite at finest, a brief throw projector might be one of the best option.

With that in mind, the Optoma GT1080 caught our eye as it covers a number of of our requirements. Marketed as a brief throw projector aimed specifically at big screen gaming in small rooms, it retails for round £650 and might produce a a hundred-inch picture from just below a metre away. Featuring low input lag and a whopping 2800 lumens brightness, the projector sounds like it might be a sensible choice for gamers seeking to get pleasure from an enormous screen experience in less than supreme viewing conditions.

But how nicely does the GT1080 really carry out in the common living rooms, where light-coloured walls and light reflections may significantly affect image high quality? Are the massive screen sizes made potential through the use of a projector sufficient to supply an immersive cinematic experience at home over a traditional HDTV or desktop set-up? And are there any downsides to taking part in games on mammoth screens, particularly when native 1080p projector for gaming resolutions aren't set in stone for PS4 and Xbox One?